True Confession about Resignation

It is a known fact that resigning employees rarely reveal the real reason they are leaving. Regardless of the relationship an employee has with HR, most do not want to say.  So  “where are you going” is the only question anyone in your current company wants to know when you resign.  Why don’t they want to tell us?  A sense of employee power may be to blame, as this is the one and only opportunity to keep a secret from their employer. However, HR people alway have a way to figure it out.

True Confession

Why do we ask? Curiosity!  Once you do find out why not call you competitor and congratulate them on hiring away your biggest problem? Why not find out the real reason and conduct an exit interview to help retain other employee’s before they quit?  That all just sounds like too much bother!

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Have you ever had someone quit and not find out where they were going?  Leave us a comment below.



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