Transparency In Performance Management – Should You Coach Talent in Front of Others?

Well this is always a tough question do you criticize your employees in public even if it is for their own good?  Some companies seem to thrive and full transparency but it is not for everyone.These environments are not for the faint of heart nor are they

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always presented in a positive way.  I think that the critical difference in this approach is whether or not it is done to promote the right behaviors and process.  If this is just an excuse for people to behave badly then it has no place in the business environment. If, however, it is guided by a sound set or principles and process it can have a dramatic effect on the company’s culture.

Can this approach make your company better?  I don’t know but if you’re looking for a completely public coaching experience then you need to get the ground rule set and make sure all of your new hires know exactly what they are going to face.


How is coaching done in your business?  Tell us about it in the comment section

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