Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition:  A new strategy to an old problem.

Many say that talent acquisition is synonymous with recruiting.  Well 4 or 5 year ago it may have been but it isn’t anymore.  Today talent acquisition has become synonymous with a specific and detailed approach to finding, assessing, hiring, and developing employees, aka “Talent”.  Typical recruiting strategies and recruiting metrics are no longer good enough just like finding qualified candidates is no longer done just on job boards.

Modern talent acquisition has become more of a strategic continuous improvement process that involves refined metrics and strategies that govern not only the talent acquisition function but also the talent management function.   Talent acquisition becomes a more applicable description over recruiting when the employer has applied an objective process that assess the position being filled, the candidates in consideration for the position, and a talent appraisal and development plan that helps bring the employee up to new standards in the shortest amount of time.  Keep in mind the word “objective”.  Simply filling a position with a body using standard hiring techniques is simply recruiting.  A solid talent acquisition process will inherently “top grade” an organization and slowly eliminate all B and C players.

Job Benchmarking:  A key component of Talent Acquisition and Management

The key component of any recruiting metrics or recruiting strategies model is job benchmarking.  Job benchmarking takes what used to be a job description and turns it into a series of key accountabilities that are assembled by multiple subject matter experts within the organization.  The job benchmark becomes one of multiple metrics to assess a candidate against.  The job benchmark and key accountabilities also serves as the reference point by which the employee’s supervisor can assess the employee’s performance and development.  Check out our job benchmarking page for a detailed description of the job benchmarking process, metrics, and strategies.

Talent Management:  A new strategy to a new problem

So you developed an objective process to find and hire new talent, now what?  Well it’s time to develop a talent management strategy that keeps your new employee happy and fulfilled while maximizing your investment.  Again the word objective needs to be part of your talent management strategy.   Talent management needs to be a continuous process of assessing an employee’s performance and coaching to the employee’s personal traits.  The assessment process needs to be unbiased and referenced against the job benchmark.

An unbiased tool that works nicely within organizations of all types is the 360 degree evaluation.  360 evaluations come in multiple flavors but the most common are used to assess an individual’s or team’s performance.   In a traditional talent management plan, if one exists, the employee is typically reviewed by their direct supervisor once a year.  Of course one person’s bias or opinions greatly affect the review and development of the employee.  360 evaluations greatly reduce this bias by involving multiple respondents in a group type evaluation.  The 360 is very confidential and can be administered online which helps speed up the process and create consistency and accuracy.

In short, a talent acquisition and management strategy should be an objective process that follows the employee throughout his or her career, involves his or her peers, and is equally applied to his or her peers.

Other applicable talent management assessments     

  • Behaviors/DISC – R4 Version
  • Behaviors & Motivators Combo
  • Motivators
  • Acumen Capacity Index (ACI)
  • TriMetrix HD
  • Performance DNA
  • TriMetrix
  • Sales Skills Index
  • Emotional Quotient
  • Task Quotient
  • DNA
  • Fit
  • Personal Talent Skills Inventory


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