Sales Performance and Motivation Ideas

Sales Performance and Motivation ideas are something we are very familiar with at Employee Insights LLC.  We started out as a sales and sales management training company.  Our interaction with many clients and sales teams lead us to one conclusion, most organizations didn’t need better process, they had the wrong people in the position.  While many people think that selling is the same regardless of product, service or industry it is not!  We developed Employee Insights to meet the needs of our clients to be able to identify the right people for their particular sales environment.  How did we do when we applied our knowledge and benchmarked their jobs?  Our success in identifying superior performers is the foundation of our company!

So you may want to know how do you motivate your sales people to be better at their jobs?  The answer is simple but not always well received.  Develop a job benchmark for your selling position.  This will allow you to identify not only the behaviors and personal characteristics that make a superstar but will also help you understand the rewards and motivators offered by your company structure and culture.  Once you understand the job then it is time to assess your people.  By identifying their motivators, you can develop a plan to reward and motivate everyone on your team in a way they value most.

We are certified in motivational analysis so you can be sure that we will get it right.  Our experience and the highly validated assessments we use will make a difference in your sales.  Are you ready to take action to improve the sales performance and motivation in your company?  Here are the sales motivation ideas that are at the core of our process.

Here is a short audio clip from our Partners for Business series on WPSE, Sales Team Evaluation


Self Awareness

After completing online assessments, each team member receives a detailed report on their behavioral style and the motivational factors that move them to action.  Employees are prompted to recognize the value their unique blend of strengths contributes to the team. They are encouraged to perceive each factor as an area for further growth and training, and a natural part of professional development.


Understanding Others

Typically, when conflict occurs we judge each other and that separates us. But there is a better way. With a shared view of the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of workplace styles, teams gain insight into each other and a new appreciation for what each brings to the table. If a sense of resignation has crept into some of your team’s interactions, be prepared to witness energizing moments of discovery as members see each other in a new light. As each individual’s unique profile emerges, co-workers recognize the source of past divisions and identify ways to meet on common ground.


Are you using all the strengths available within your team? Releasing your team’s performance potential is more than a great idea. It’s an immediately achievable goal with the right process.   If you are ready to start right now you can visit our Products page and take your Motivational assessment right now!  If you want to work on a team call us and we will discuss your specific situation.  We can customize our program to meet your goals and objectives.  Don’t delay another day and suffer with poor sales performance and motivation!