Recruitment and Selection Process

What makes our recruitment and selection process unique?

                We guarantee the employees we recommend using our recruitment and selection process for up to 2 years of retention or we will replace them for free.  That’s right I said FREE.  Why do we do this when other recruiters won’t?  Because we are confident in our patented job benchmarking process and our selection process.    Our selection methods have been put to the test time and time again with the same results, happy clients and candidates.

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Employee recruitment and Employee selection process 2.0

You have heard about a lot about different employee selection methods that are used by companies to hire employees.   Most of their employee recruitment efforts still don’t target the right employee and result in an employee turnover rate of greater than 30%?  Do you know that many companies don’t break even on the cost of hiring and training before the employee leaves?  How does your employee selection process stack up against your goals?  We can help you recruit the right employee or help you setup a more robust process of employee selection.  Often ads are written that screen out the right applicants and focus on the wrong ones!  Do you use your selection criteria when you write your ads?

Recruiting employees is not the problem having a selection process is!

Have you ever selected an employee based on a referral from a current employee?  What about because they went to the same school as their potential boss?  We all have built-in bias that typically works against us in the selection process.  Often skills and experience are the only determining factors in the decision on who should be hired.  Why?  Because they are easy to discern and are the basis of what most people can quantify   Do you have objective and measurable criteria that are required by the job?  Can you get the information you need from your candidates and measure it against the job?  These selection methods form the basis of a world-class process.

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Want to improve your recruitment and selection process?

OK so you already have a fully staffed HR department to handle this work.  Why not give them the tools they need to make their process better and faster?   We have worked with many HR departments to help them with assessment tools and to benchmark jobs.  These tools will allow them to improve the quality of fit for the job and reduce turn over.  Once they use our selection process they will be able to spend more time on employee development and less time managing employee turnover.  They will also be able to have an option for a full employee development and coaching program to improve employee engagement and employee motivation.