Executive Recruiting Firms

Executive recruiting firms don’t like us!

Why don’t executive recruiting firms like us?  Because we guarantee the people we place and they don’t!  Many of the top executive search firms are better off when you make the wrong choice.  This gives those executive search companies an opportunity to try again, at your expense of course.   At Employee Insights LLC we stake our reputation on the satisfaction of our clients.  We find them the right people when they hire us  to perform  an executive search.   Some executive search companies offer a satisfaction promise but what does it really mean?  Usually nothing.  We offer executive search solutions that can’t be found with our competitors.


Confused by the terms retained search firms and executive search companies?

Most firms perform several types of searches for clients.  The real difference is how and when you pay for this work.  Most “retained search firms” bill for the cost of the of a candidate search broken up into 3 different segments.  You make these payments at initiation of the search, 20-40 days after the search has begun and a final payment when a candidate is hired.  So what does that mean to you and your needs to evaluate search firms?  Make sure you understand when and how you are paying for their service and if they offer a guarantee for their work.  Sometimes these fees and payment schedules are negotiable to meet your particular situation.


Why do people use Executive Recruiting Firms

The truth is that most organizations don’t have the time or expertise necessary to for talent acquisition.  Our ability to recruit candidates that are not actively looking (passive) for a new position sets us apart from most executive search companies.  We can quickly determine if a candidate is a fit for the job so we don’t bring anyone to a final interview that isn’t a star candidate.  We pre-qualify things like duties, salary and benefits to be certain that they are willing to accept the position if it is offered to them.  Have you ever courted a candidate only to have them not accept the job offer?  This is a tremendous waste of time and resources.

Want to find out more about our guarantee and how we can make your search faster and better than any other search firms?  Use out contact form and put “Guarantee” in the subject line or call us today.


Employee Insights LLC offers  unique executive search solutions

We are one of the few executive search companies in the US that uses a patented job benchmarking process.  This allows us to be one of the only executive search firms that offers a replacement if your hire leaves the position in 2 years or less.  When you are recruiting executive talent it is imperative that you get the right person, in the right seat on the bus.