Employee Motivation Ideas

Employee Motivation Ideas

Many employers struggle to come up with employee motivation ideas that are unique and satisfy the employee.  Many employers utilize team building events for motivation in the workplace that seem like a good idea but in reality are attractive only to the few that designed them.  Employee engagement ideas are a bit tougher to come by and need to reflect the individual’s behaviors and motivators.  Like job benchmarking you need a place to start that is specific to the employee.

So why not let the employee tell you, the employer, what he or she likes?  Why not let the employee give you feedback about their job but also about the company as whole?  There are several choices that fit quite well in developing employee motivation.  A good place to start would be the Disc Personality Test and the 360 Evaluations.   The disc test allows the employee to tell you how they like to communicate, whether they’re a task driven person or a people person, whether they like lots of detail or very little, what motivates them to get up in the morning maybe it’s the money of maybe it’s the quest for knowledge, and so on.  This information becomes quite valuable when you’re looking to improve motivation in the workplace.  The 360 evaluation on the other hand can give you a good idea of what a group of people think about their peers, their managers, their team, and even the company as a whole.  360 evaluations can also be used as a confidential way to allow the employees to make suggestions.  Many great employee motivation ideas have come out of these two assessments.

Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation in the workplace typically comes when the employee feels like their needed, trusted, and part of a team.  When employees have a solid development and feedback plan they tend to perform better and have better attitudes.

Have you ever walked into an organization only to find the bulk of the employees clearly would rather be somewhere else?  And the next company may have employees with a vibrant sense of energy and enthusiasm?  What do you think is the difference between the 2 companies?  Could it be an oppressive dictator?  Could it be the lack of feedback development or accolades?  Could it be that all the employees are utilitarian in nature and the company pays great bonus based on company performance?  You probably won’t know for sure unless the employees are given an objective way to tell you who they are, what they like, and what motivates them.

Motivation in the workplace is a bit nebulous if you don’t have a way to quantify and qualify it.  The one thing is for sure, poor motivation in the workplace will sink a ship if it goes unchecked.

Sales Motivation

Sales motivation is a very specific subset of motivation in the workplace.  Depending on the product or services being sold certain personalities perform better than others.  In most cases sales motivation comes from two areas, the drive to make money, and or the drive to interact with people, or both.  These same people also tend to be less detail oriented and are a bit more inclined to stretch the rules.  So how do you know what type of person your sales process deserves?  The sales person that thrives in a fast paced environment that involves a lot of people will likely be a bad choice for an engineering sales job selling a highly technical product to engineers with a long sales cycle.  Get the idea?  Sales motivation really comes down to understanding the specific sales process and matching the people to the job.  Only then will you have good motivation.

Other assessments that can uncover that hidden motivation!

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•             Personal Talent Skills Inventory


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