Employee Engagement Ideas

Are you looking for employee engagement ideas to help raise job satisfaction?  Do you need an engagement strategy to improve a specific aspect of your organization?  If so we can offer you a number of ideas to get started.  How do you know if you have been successful?  First you need to start by measuring the current level of employee engagement to understand where it is today.  By measuring engagement, you can see the effect of your strategy before and after implementation.  All right let’s look at the minimal cost employee engagement ideas first:

Align and Train One of the best ways to improve engagement is to set a common goal for the organization.  Once you have determined what that goal is, you need to train your employee’s to accomplish that goal.  Focused and prepared employees are not just engaged, they improve the performance of the company.  Be sure to use a variety of training from both internal and external sources to provide different ideas and methods.

Rewards Another idea is to reward your employee’s.  This doesn’t have to be a monetary reward.  A good engagement strategy uses customized rewards that the individuals find appealing.  Improve the quality of their work environment, give them a special parking space or contribute to their favorite organization.  All of these will bring a sense of value to the employee and in turn they will value their employment relationship.  If you need to understand more about motivation in the workplace look at our employee motivation ideas page.   We know how to assess motivation so you can tailor your engagement strategy.

Start Small The best employee engagement strategy I have seen is to start with small wins.  You can’t be the best customer service organization overnight.  Break down your overall goal into smaller steps.  Each goal may need to be broken up into 2-5 individual steps to make it manageable and to get employee participation.  Once you have buy in and implementation you can move on to the next step.  These are not new ideas but they work.  An organization that is not used to change will take time to embrace the process and will gain momentum will each small win.  Be sure to work at each step until it is completed.  If you don’t show commitment to executing your strategy no one else will either.

Do you want to learn more about our Employee engagement ideas?  Check out the video below.  Still need more?  Fill out the form below the video to get our 8 step process to re-engage your workforce or call us for a free consultation and learn more about our Engagement survey tools