Emotional Intelligence Test

What is an emotional intelligence test and what does it tell you?  Emotional intelligence is also known as emotional quotient (EQ) and is the basis of good decision making.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we are all affected by our emotions.  How does having a higher EQ impact your performance?  Research has shown that people who posses a high EQ are 127 times more productive than those with a low EQ.  Through his research, Daniel Goleman, has proven the difference between star performers and average performers is the difference in their EQ scores.

EQ Emotional Quotient

EQ Emotional Quotient

So how does emotional intelligence impact your or your teams performance on a daily basis ?  Our first reaction to everything is emotional.  It proceeds our recognition and behavior, so that everything is first interpreted through our emotions.  This leads to understanding our situation through an emotional response first and directly impacts our behaviors  competency and decision making.  An example is the fight or flight mode that we all intuitively understand.  If you are in flight mode, your sequence of thoughts and actions are much different that if you are in fight mode.  Your base emotional state determines how you think and behave.

Your work environment is greatly influenced by the collective level of emotional intelligence.  It has been argued that a single low EQ in your group can lower the collective EQ  of the group.  Conversely a high EQ of a group or company leader has a positive effect on the entire group.  Co-workers that cause frustration can greatly impact your EQ and lower your performance.

So now that you understand what EQ is and how it impacts your behaviors, what can you do about it?  EQ is a trainable skill.  You can work on improving the EQ of yourself or of your organization.  In fact many leading business schools now offer emotional intelligence training.  Call us today so we can test your emotional intelligence and design a training program for improvement.

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