DISC Personality Test

DISC Personality Test

Today many employers and individuals are using the DISC personality test to improve communication and hiring.  The DISC test is also known by many other names such as DISC assessment and DISC personality profile.  DISC is an acronym for the four major personality types, Dominant, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious.  While there are many people in the market place are using DISC not all of them are up to date or even valid.  It is important to work with a company that is certified in the administration and interpretation of your DISC tests.


DISC Personality Types

What do DISC tests tell you about someone?  Once you identify someone’s DISC personality type you can understand how well they fit into their work environment.  Most DISC tests show a natural and adapted state for an individual.  These 2 states will show you how much energy a person is using to adapt to their job environment.  High levels of adaptation usually result in employee burn out. These personality types are observable and are based on the work of Marston over 50 years ago.   Understanding your personality type will allow you to communicate more effectively with people.   Because a DISC personality type is observable behavior, it is also possible to use this information about others to adapt your style of communication.  This can help improve team performance, lower conflict and generally make people more effective in having their message understood.   Why not take your DISC test today and start to learn about your own style?  Then you can have others in your team take their test to see how your communication improves.


Not all DISC Tests are the same!

What makes one DISC personality test better than another?  Validity!  Be sure that the DISC personality test you use has a recent validation study.  This will assure you that the test is up to date and it will help you avoid any potential legal issues.   The most important reason to choose your DISC test carefully is to be sure that it meets your objective.  We offer different tests depending on how they are going to be used.  Just knowing your DISC type is not enough if you want to leverage that information.  You need to understand how you communicate to other and how they should communicate with you.  Understanding your preferred work environment, if you are task or people oriented and how you react when you are stressed.  Our DISC test will also give you two graphs to explain your Natural and Adapted state.  This will help you understand how much you are changing to meet your current work environment and the amount of energy required to make that change.


Free DISC personality test?

Yes that’s right you can get your free test from us by filling out our contact form and putting Free DISC in the subject line.  We will then send you a report detailing your DISC personality types (no one is just one type we are all a blend of the four types).  We reserve the right to limit this offer to one per company.  If your company has already used their free DISC personality test we will contact you to arrange rates for tests and report debriefs.

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