Career Assessment Test

“We all want to work and get paid for something we love to do but that seems as elusive as winning the lottery.”

Think back to high school, ok maybe you’re still in high school; do you remember not having a clue about what you wanted to major in college or what you wanted to do for a career after college?  Most of us have been there. Many of us relied on our guidance counselor but even then they only made recommendations based on your academics and not your core personality and traits.  The key is understanding who you really are and what you like to do.

Most of us have wondered how we got to where we are in our professional careers.  For most people it just happens, good or bad, and usually we end up some place we didn’t necessarily want to go.  For the few that performed a career assessment, they most likely ended up right where they wanted to be.

There has to be, and is, a predictable way to understanding “You”; the career assessment test is the answer.

The Career Assessment Test

In order to move forward you have to know what things you are not suited for and what things will stop your motivation in its tracks. Of course we have to earn money to support our families and hopefully have some disposable income for extras, but many times that’s all our jobs are, “a means to justify the end”. The career assessment test is an objective look at who you are.

Performing a career assessment is about understanding what motivates you and what doesn’t, how you behave in certain situations, and how you see yourself and the world around you.  Taking a 30,000 foot view, a career aptitude test

  • Identifies who you are and what your unique value is.
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifies your key aptitudes
  • Sets the stage to develop a “sharpen the saw” approach to minimizing weaknesses and  maximizing strengths

Dare to Compare

So now you know who you are but how do you use the information? Knowing you is only half the battle, knowing the job is the other half. Your assessment results are compared against a large database of job benchmarks or for emerging jobs a job benchmark may need to be created.  These benchmarks were created over the years using subject matter experts who outline the key accountabilities and traits required to excel in those positions.  We start with the jobs you think you would like.  Your assessment results are compared against the requirements of those jobs and then a gap report for each job is produced showing your strengths and weaknesses in various categories. If there is a career you’re particularly interested in you can decide based on the gap report whether or not you should pursue that particular career. If you do decide on a career that is not a good match then we will produce a coaching report to help you improve.

Validation and Accuracy

All Employee Insights LLC career assessment tests are validated and statistically accurate aptitude assessments.  These are not the “half baked” career aptitude tests found all over the internet.  Validation is the key to our assessments.  We do not use a $20 software package written by high school students overseas.  All of our assessments are designed, validated, and continually updated by TTI Success Insights, a 30 year old company renowned for their research in human behavior and motivation.




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Career Acceleration 

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