Find Out Before You Interview and After You Hire!

Identifying the best talent shouldn’t be some subjective game of guess-work based on someone’s intuition.   In the best interest of the candidates and your organization you need an objective process that will properly match the candidate to the job.    

Pre-employment assessments, properly validated assessments, yield a clear picture of the candidate’s behaviors, motivators, and personal skills; traits and attributes that you can use as a solid foundation for interviewing and coaching after hiring.  


Assessments That Uncover!

•             Behaviors/DISC – R4 Version

•             Behaviors & Motivators Combo

•             Motivators

•             Acumen Capacity Index (ACI)

•             TriMetrix HD

•             Performance DNA

•             TriMetrix

•             Sales Skills Index

•             Emotional Quotient

•             Task Quotient

•             DNA

•             Fit

•             Personal Talent Skills Inventory  

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