360 Evaluations

360 Evaluations, Sometimes Called 360 Degree Evaluations.

Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of an organization.  360 evaluations allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of another individual’s performance. The results of these evaluations are then used to enhance and develop the individual’s performance as well as improving organizational development.

Typically, 360 degree evaluations are used for employee development; however, it can also be used for employee performance reviews.  360 evaluations can be a very effective tool for both employee development and performance review if the process is used on all employees within the group. Not only will the use of 360 evaluations bring accuracy, it may also offer the consistency that reflects the ever changing work environment and culture of the organization. Keep in mind that direct supervisors do not necessarily have the full picture of an employee’s position or performance.  In short, everyone gets held to the same standards of performance and development.

In a typical employee development plan or employee review, the supervisor’s bias or opinions greatly affect the review and development of the employee.  360 evaluations greatly reduce this bias.  360 evaluations are usually confidential and can easily be delivered online at the respondent’s convenience. They are also much less expensive than in-house software that may rapidly become outdated.

A Full Stable of 360 Evaluations

Employee Insights, LLC has a large stable of 360 evaluations for other applications. These include leadership development, team development, organizational development, strategic planning, and employee satisfaction.

Over and above what others deliver

Not all 360 degree evaluations are created equally.  All Employee Insights 360 evaluations algorithms are benchmarked and validated to maximize accuracy and consistency.

Get exactly what you need

• Completely customizable to measure what you need to know, or use one of our many benchmarked templates

• Easily administered 24/7 through secure online access

• Results can be delivered in a variety of report-type options to suit your needs

• Custom debriefing and coaching solutions to maximize your investment

• Affordable


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